4 things you need to know about the new Facebook pages

New Facebook Pages Timelines social4ce

Not long after Facebook announced a redesign of News Feed, the company is letting marketers and page admins know that there will be a new timeline design for Facebook pages that will roll out starting April 1. Are you a Facebook page Administrator? Check out the attached infographic for the 4 main changes you need to [...]

social4ce at Arabnet Beirut 2014

Arabnet Beirut 2014

social4ce will be part of Arabnet in Beirut to discuss social media best practices and wether companies should outsource their social media activities or handle them in house. According to Social Media Examiner’s 2013 report  74% of companies manage their social media in-house. Think you should do the same? With the increasing number solutions, management [...]

Lebanese Social Media Conversations about #ValentinesDay

Valentines-Infographic-2 2

We did the exercise last year, and we did it this year too by monitoring Lebanese social media conversations around Valentine’s Day. This infographic shows how people in Lebanon were actually talking about Valentine’s Day. Although many were busy stripping for Jackie, a total of 1 284 relevant conversations around celebrating love occurred between the [...]

Social MEdia Bytes #10 – Social Media straddling between Traditional and Innovation

Some international TV channels such as CNN are starting to focus on Arabic Markets by launching an Arabic version of their website in order to follow up with the huge boom of social media in the Middle East. The rapid development of different social media platforms in KSA, as well as the boom of User [...]

Say Goodbye to Facebook Sponsored Stories!

Facebook Ads

Social media advertising is becoming big business. It can be effective for a small business even if the click-through rate is low. If we only take the example of Facebook, it has more than 10 different ad types: App ad; Domain ad; Event ad; Mobile app ad; Page Like ad; Page Post ad; Page Post [...]

Social MEdia Bytes #9 – Are businesses in the Middle East adapting to the rapid changes?

The importance of smartphones, social media platforms as well as applications websites is starting to drive some changes in the way businesses in the Middle East are using these new media.  The rapid changes on how the Arab public is absorbing information, with KSA being the country with the highest Twitter penetration worldwide, are leading [...]

Social MEdia Bytes #8: Social media increasingly influencing Arab people’s behaviour


Internet users base is growing fast in the Arab countries: Most of these users are actively using social media platforms, and some social media services are starting to have a real influence on people’s behavior. Discover more in this week’s latest news on social media in the Middle East! Bahrain forum explores social media innovation. [...]

Social MEdia Bytes #7- More time on the internet, more social media controls, more online threats


Nowadays, people spend time on social media more than watching television. The use of social media is controlled in the Arabic countries in order to protect against pornography or political/social sarcasm. Companies are promoting their role in social media that have a significant function recently. Parents should be aware of the youth use of social [...]

3 Reasons why a Community Manager is becoming an essential asset to your company

Community Management

A community manager’s main role is to create and maintain relationships between your company and the customers. In order to be successful the community manager should have a specific set of skills and qualities: strong communication, good judgment, dedication, adaptability, creativity, background in analytics, and most importantly a perfect knowledge of the brand. This person [...]

Formatech launches social media training courses with social4ce

SM Training Formatech social4ce

social4ce has launched this week, social media training courses in partnership with Formatech, one of the leading training centers in Lebanon since 1995, through its business division Tamayyaz. This partnership focuses on two specific aspects: –  A range of 8 different social media training courses for both businesses and individuals. –  A global vision of social media that goes [...]