How to Increase Sales via Facebook Offers – SILKOR DID IT

January 30, 2013 | Author:

Most of the time, marketers think of Facebook as a platform to create brand visibility. Some think of it as a way to directly engage with their customers, but a few only know that Facebook can have a direct impact on their business by generating sales.

We’ve been working with Silkor Facebook Page since late 2010 when they first launched their Facebook Page. In 2 years, the brand managed to create a large and qualified community on Facebook with almost 27 000 active Fans.
Silkor has always been keen on trying new things on social media because they understood that social media is all about testing and adapting in order to become a more “social business”.

Last November 2012, we’ve helped Silkor design and launch a Facebook Offer program that targeted consumers in both Lebanon and the UAE.

What are Facebook Offers?

Certain businesses, brands and organizations can share discounts with their customers by posting an offer on their Facebook Page. Offers are like coupons and don’t cost anything to create. They are promoted via a dedicated Facebook Ads budget. When someone claims an offer, they’ll receive an email that they can show at the brand’s physical location to get the discount. In our case, it was in one of SILKOR”s centers.


In only 2 weeks, Silkor’s Facebook Offer was claimed 13 000 times. The offer even reached Silkor’s operations in Oman and Qatar via word of mouth. Silkor managed to double their profit from their Facebook Offers investment: following the campaign, they boosted their sales by 15% and they increased their fan base by 13%.


Facebook recognized Silkor Facebook Offers campaign as one of the Best Practices during Facebook Studio Edge Event that took place yesterday in Dubai for the first time in the Middle East.

Silkor intends to focus the biggest part of this year’s communication and engagement efforts on social media. They’ve just launched their 15 years anniversary promotion: a new “feel-good” campaign on Facebook. Register here if you would like to get the chance to win a complete makeover.

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  1. raymonde Chbat

    Interesting article! I just have a question…

    How did Silkor managed to prevent someone from redeeming the same offer twice?

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