4 things you need to know about the new Facebook pages

New Facebook Pages Timelines social4ce

Not long after Facebook announced a redesign of News Feed, the company is letting marketers and page admins know that there will be a new timeline design for Facebook pages that will roll out starting April 1. Are you a Facebook page Administrator? Check out the attached infographic for the 4 main changes you need to [...]

3 Reasons why a Community Manager is becoming an essential asset to your company

Community Management

A community manager’s main role is to create and maintain relationships between your company and the customers. In order to be successful the community manager should have a specific set of skills and qualities: strong communication, good judgment, dedication, adaptability, creativity, background in analytics, and most importantly a perfect knowledge of the brand. This person [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Community Management

community manager scial4ce

Defining what a community manager really does, can be a little intriguing, because well, community managers do everything. They are the voice of the brand, the voice of the customers, and the voice of their client. From creating content, to studying consumer behavior, testing what the audience likes or not, engaging and interacting, following trends, [...]

New Facebook Promotions Rules: What you need to know

facebook new promotions social4ce

“It’s now easier to administer Promotion” Facebook said. About a week ago, Facebook updated their promotion and pages guidelines, making it easier for small and medium businesses to create promotions on their Facebook pages. These promotions and competitions that used to be only allowed in third parties applications on the pages, are now allowed to happen on the [...]

“Coffee, Tea and Social Media” 1st Edition with Tigerlily

Matthieu Chereau

Last week, we launched the first edition of « Coffee, Tea and Social Media », a series of conferences designed to help companies gain a better understanding of the different challenges brought by social media and their impact on their organization. The event, held at Hotel Sofiltel Le Gabriel in Beirut, was focused on community engagement and [...]

Say Hello to “Coffee, Tea and Social Media”

coffee tea and social media lebanon event 01

We are launching the first edition of “Coffee, Tea and Social Media” a series of conferences and workshops that we have designed to help companies better understand the different challenges brought by social media and its impact on their business and organization. This edition focused on Community Engagement and Management, will be held on Wednesday the [...]

Becoming a Social Organization

collaborative organization

For the last 4 years, we’ve been monitoring how companies are using social media (being internally or externally) and the results they’re obtaining. One of our most striking discoveries is that many social media initiatives fail. They don’t attract interest or they never create business value, resulting in no adoption, nor the emergence of any [...]

Content strategy on Facebook: How Lebanese brands are doing it


Social media is all about interaction, it is an ongoing conversation. What is striking today is that many social media initiatives fail to understand this concept, because they do not address their audiences using the right approach. What is the right approach? It includes creating brand engagement by using diversified content that does not only [...]

3 reasons why doing social media is not only about having a Facebook page


When most companies think of ‘social media’ they directly think of Facebook and Twitter. Many of them forget that in order to have successful results on social media, every communication or marketing campaign needs to be focused on building a relationship, engaging with genuine and interesting content, developing a meaningful presence in your online community, [...]

Social Media “Faux Pas”: How Lebanese brands reacted following the explosion in Sassine

DO Citymall

When talking about crisis communication, every company thinks about their own brands and their own reputation that can be damaged. Since social web started to take so much importance in our daily and business lives, every organization has put in place clear processes for online crisis communication like they used to have when doing traditional PR [...]