Say Goodbye to Facebook Sponsored Stories!

Facebook Ads

Social media advertising is becoming big business. It can be effective for a small business even if the click-through rate is low. If we only take the example of Facebook, it has more than 10 different ad types: App ad; Domain ad; Event ad; Mobile app ad; Page Like ad; Page Post ad; Page Post [...]

Get your job at social4ce during Beirut Creative Cluster “Talent Pool Party “

BCC Talent Pool Party

At the occasion of their first anniversary, Beirut Creative Cluster will be holding a “Talent Pool Party”, a new Job Fair concept on September 11 at 8.30 in VEER Kaslik. Beirut Creative Cluster is a not-for-profit, sectorial business association. Its members are companies based in Lebanon operating in the creative industries. Its mission is to spread [...]

Facebook Graph search will display unique results for every user

Facebook graph search 1

With Facebook announcing the deployment of its latest innovation, Graph search, in Beta version, articles about it started flooding the web, some praising the new service, other condemning it. Invasion of privacy, Facebook’s attempt to take over the internet, Google facing a new and strong competitor… There were many different opinions about this new launch, [...]

Experience The Code

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Being a social technology passionate developer can be a little tricky on whether i am to talk jargon or abbreviations. Through my brief years in the digital field it has changed a lot since I entered this digital hemisphere which with time turned into a more user oriented globe. Whether it’s your brother or your [...]

A Digital Manager’s Day…

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I have to work a lot with designers and developers, coordinating and smoothing the communication between them… which leads us to the eternal designer/developer dilemma… I would divide designers I work with into 2 types: – The really good ones, who tend to come up with amazing, yet kind of impossible to implement ideas… if [...]