Social MEdia Bytes #10 – Social Media straddling between Traditional and Innovation

Some international TV channels such as CNN are starting to focus on Arabic Markets by launching an Arabic version of their website in order to follow up with the huge boom of social media in the Middle East. The rapid development of different social media platforms in KSA, as well as the boom of User [...]

Social MEdia Bytes #9 – Are businesses in the Middle East adapting to the rapid changes?

The importance of smartphones, social media platforms as well as applications websites is starting to drive some changes in the way businesses in the Middle East are using these new media.  The rapid changes on how the Arab public is absorbing information, with KSA being the country with the highest Twitter penetration worldwide, are leading [...]

New Facebook Promotions Rules: What you need to know

facebook new promotions social4ce

“It’s now easier to administer Promotion” Facebook said. About a week ago, Facebook updated their promotion and pages guidelines, making it easier for small and medium businesses to create promotions on their Facebook pages. These promotions and competitions that used to be only allowed in third parties applications on the pages, are now allowed to happen on the [...]

First Facebook Studio Edge for the MENA region in Dubai – We were there!!

Facebook studio edge dubai

We were invited to be part of the Facebook Studio Edge event that took place for the first time in the region in Dubai Media City on the 29th of January. Facebook Studio Edge is a tutorial event aimed to help agencies and brands to get more familiar with the do’s and don’ts of the [...]

Facebook Graph search will display unique results for every user

Facebook graph search 1

With Facebook announcing the deployment of its latest innovation, Graph search, in Beta version, articles about it started flooding the web, some praising the new service, other condemning it. Invasion of privacy, Facebook’s attempt to take over the internet, Google facing a new and strong competitor… There were many different opinions about this new launch, [...]

Social MEdia bytes #1 – What’s happening on the social media scene in the Middle East

Because we love sharing, we love social media and because the Middle East is our playground, here are some bytes about the latest social media news from the Middle East. 1-More Middle East companies now turning to social media to hire : The old way of searching for a good candidate has slowly started to [...]

Facebook in the MENA region in 2012: Users, brands and industries


SocialBakers released an interesting infographic about how Facebook is doing in the MENA region at the end of 2012. In terms of active users, it’s no surprise that Egypt comes as number 1, followed by Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Aren’t those the countries where the population is the most important anyway? Showing the number of [...]

Who is using Linkedin in the Middle East?

The state of Linkedin in the Middle East

We have all heard about the announcement of Linkedin at the beginning of October concerning the opening of their first office in the Middle East based in Dubai. With more than 5.8 million members in the Middle East (1.1 million in UAE alone) and a regional growth of 123% against 43% (worldwide) the professional social [...]

Social Media “Faux Pas”: How Lebanese brands reacted following the explosion in Sassine

DO Citymall

When talking about crisis communication, every company thinks about their own brands and their own reputation that can be damaged. Since social web started to take so much importance in our daily and business lives, every organization has put in place clear processes for online crisis communication like they used to have when doing traditional PR [...]

Arab Social Media Round Up #2 – by social4ce


Every Thursday, social4ce provides you with the latest news regarding social media in the Arab world. If you have any blog post, article, survey, infographic or video you want to share with us, you can tweet us @social4ce. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s news! The positive impact of social media on UAE auto sales: [...]