3 Reasons why a Community Manager is becoming an essential asset to your company

Community Management

A community manager’s main role is to create and maintain relationships between your company and the customers. In order to be successful the community manager should have a specific set of skills and qualities: strong communication, good judgment, dedication, adaptability, creativity, background in analytics, and most importantly a perfect knowledge of the brand. This person [...]

Facebook Graph search will display unique results for every user

Facebook graph search 1

With Facebook announcing the deployment of its latest innovation, Graph search, in Beta version, articles about it started flooding the web, some praising the new service, other condemning it. Invasion of privacy, Facebook’s attempt to take over the internet, Google facing a new and strong competitor… There were many different opinions about this new launch, [...]

Social media is not only for marketers


 Your company has an amazing Facebook page, a corporate Twitter account, you post a lot of videos on your Youtube channel and you have made your LinkedIn page. Since starting to build your presence on social media channels, you have managed to gain a pretty good number of fans, followers and subscribers on all these [...]

Leading in the 21st century: become a collaborative leader

Last year (spring 2011), in one of McKinsey’s survey research (The rise of the network Eterprise) Robert Stephens (chief technology officer of Best Buy and founder of Geek Squad) commented on his vision on how companies should be using the web and social media to gain greater market share and improve customer experience. Stephens envisions [...]

3 reasons why doing social media is not only about having a Facebook page


When most companies think of ‘social media’ they directly think of Facebook and Twitter. Many of them forget that in order to have successful results on social media, every communication or marketing campaign needs to be focused on building a relationship, engaging with genuine and interesting content, developing a meaningful presence in your online community, [...]

What is a Social Business?

Social Business ROI

We are often asked: what is a Social Business? There are – unfortunately – many different definitions. Some related to technology, some to only internal collaboration etc… I have found the following one (from an IBM white paper called The Social Business, Advent of a New Age) , which I believe is the right one: [...]

Social Media “Faux Pas”: How Lebanese brands reacted following the explosion in Sassine

DO Citymall

When talking about crisis communication, every company thinks about their own brands and their own reputation that can be damaged. Since social web started to take so much importance in our daily and business lives, every organization has put in place clear processes for online crisis communication like they used to have when doing traditional PR [...]

From collaboration to mass collaboration…

cycle of collaboration

Mass collaboration and business value Collaborating, isn’t that what everybody does on a daily basis, in any organization with all means at their disposal (mail, telephone, meetings, business travel…)?  So why would an organization want to launch internal collaboration through social technologies? Isn’t that all too complicated and too risky, too complex and too expensive? [...]

All Ears… Listening to social media conversations is monitoring with purpose

converting fans

One of the key pieces of advice that Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs, offers to companies getting started in social media is “Grow bigger ears”. This is a maxim repeated over and over again in a variety of different ways: Listen before you talk. Join the conversation. Social media is a cocktail party. [...]

Social Media Readiness: is your Company Ready or Not for Social Media?


Your business doesn’t plug into social media. Social media plugs into your business. But are you and your business ready? Who could have guessed that one of the big differences between life now and ten years ago would be our growing dependence on interacting with each other in online communities. The speed at which the [...]